BASES Code of Practice

Member companies of the BASES have committed themselves to maintain a high quality of design, product, installation and maintenance of seating equipment.  All member companies comply with the relevant British and recognised European Standards.


  • In achieving membership of the Association they have had to meet the required standards of experience, proficiency and commercial competence.  Thereafter as a member they are bound by the FSPA regulations and this Code of Practice, all intended to maintain a higher and improving standard of performance by its members.

  • Purchasers of goods and services from Member Companies, who feel that the Member Company in question has fallen below that standard, are invited to submit details to the Chairman of the Association.  Member Companies who are shown to persist in practices which BASES find unacceptable will be liable to expulsion.

  • The BASES maintains a Mediation Panel to assist in the settlement of disputes between its Member Companies and their clients.  Member Companies may elect to submit details of disputes in which they are involved to the Mediation Panel and by so doing commit themselves to being bound by the findings of the Panel.

  • A dissatisfied purchaser who cannot resolve a dispute with a member may submit details to the Panel which will have the power to invite the Member Company also to submit details and to consider all circumstances and take whatever action is appropriate.

  • Enquiries and submissions should be directed in the first instance to the Secretary of the Mediation Panel, BASES, Office 25 Rural Innovation Centre , Stoneleigh Park. Warwickshire, CV8 2LG 

Member Companies readily endorse and affirm their responsibilities to their clients under current legislation. Applicants must agree to and sign this Code of Practice before membership of BASES can be processed.



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