Benefits to Members

  • Representation

BASES provides a channel of communication for the Industry with Government. In addition BASES work with BSI on inputting into spectator seating standards and have gone beyond this with recommendations published in their Blue Guide. 

  • Code of Practice

The BASES Code of Practice is designed for best value with fewest risks. Members benefit from having a well-defined Code of Practice designed to deliver best Value to clients and minimise all risks to users, clients and BASES Members. This could help reduce litigation risks. 

  • Independent Mediation

BASES’s Mediation Service for resolving disputes is FREE! Buyers and Members benefit from BASES’s FREE ‘Independent BASES Mediation Service’ in the event of a dispute with a BASES member supplier – at no cost. This is only available to clients who buy from BASES members and to BASES Members.

  • Buyer Preferences

Buyers are becoming more aware of the benefits of selecting BASES Members. As buyers are becoming more aware of the benefits to them of buying from BASES Members they are more likely to prefer and progressively specify a BASES Member. 

  • Trade Association

As a trade association, BASES provides Members with useful networking opportunities. Members can also benefit from a number of financial benefits and services. These can be found on the Federation of Sports & Play website under Benefits & Services.



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