Mediation Panel

BASES’s Mediation Service for resolving disputes is FREE!

Buyers and Members benefit from BASES’s FREE ‘Independent BASES Mediation Panel Service’ in the event of a dispute with an BASES member supplier at no cost. This is only available to clients who buy from BASES members and to BASES Members.

How it works

  • Upon receipt of a complaint the Secretariat should inform the Chairman of the Mediation Panel and the Member Company against whom the claim has been made thus giving the Member Company concerned the opportunity to state in writing their answer to the claim.
  • If a site visit is necessary the Mediation Panel together with a responsible person from the Member Company and the complainee should visit the site concerned to determine whether or not the complaint is justified. An inspection fee will be charged for such a visit.
  • If the complaint is not justified the Mediation Chairman of BASES should write to the complainee stating quite clearly why the complaint is not justified.
  • If the complaint is justified the Member Company concerned should be advised and requested to put right that which is incorrect, within a reasonable time.
  • If agreement is reached between the complainee and the Member Company at this stage the Mediation Panel will meet to discuss the matter and decide on further action.
  • All Complaints should be brought up at Meetings of BASES and discussed.

If a Member Company fails to carry out any necessary remedial works which are justified, BASESwill bring pressure to bear on that company to carry out the necessary work and if they then fail the company will be liable for expulsion from BASES







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