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Hussey Seatway Ltd is a British company formed by bringing together Seatway Ltd and the Hussey Seating Company of Maine, USA, the world’s best known producer of telescopic and fixed seating for arenas, multi-purpose halls and sports stadiums. We are retractable seating solutions experts and offer two specialised seating lines that manage and engineer space;

Telescopic seating for Sports & Gymnasiums featuring COURTSIDE and METRO seating systems. Maxam is also great value.

Type TP, theatre & auditorium quality retractable seating that is custom designed to your exact requirements and which features our unique ‘space-frame’ construction system.

Our expertise in fixed and telescopic bleachers and Retractable Seating Solutions has enabled us to provide a range of seating products to accommodate various, audience seating requirements, meeting BS standards, Fire Retardancy specifications and ADA requirements.

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3 Centurion Way
Crusader Park
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