20 July 2016

As UK trade policy is formed post-Brexit:FSPA has unique opportunity to ensure members’ voices are heard

As UK trade policy is formed post-Brexit: FSPA has unique opportunity to ensure members’ voices are heard

A consultation event held yesterday by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) marked the start of an important dialogue between business and government as the UK enters negotiations over Brexit. The Federation of Sports and Play Associations (FSPA) was one of around 100 organisations invited to take part since the Business Stakeholders’ group was set up a year ago.

Mary Lubrano of the Federation says: “The Department want to hear from the business community as they form trade policy going forward, underlining the need for two-way communication and effective sharing of information.  They want to understand - in detail - the specific issues each business sector faces.

“Their message is a positive one – not just about managing the challenges Brexit presents, but also about exploiting opportunities by reaching out beyond traditional markets, with business thinking at the heart of the debate. Their appeal is for sector-specific detail to inform their consultations.”

FSPA Managing Director Jane Montgomery adds: “Over the next two to three years, the FSPA is in a key position to represent the business interests of the sports and play industry to the Department, helping to ensure that members’ voices are heard as UK trade policy is formed post-Brexit. 

“As Europe’s largest trade body with over 500 UK manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of sports and play equipment, contributing over £3 billion collective turnover to the UK, the views of the Federation’s members are an important contribution to the debate.”

FSPA members are therefore invited to contact Jane Montgomery to submit their questions, concerns, ideas or opinions which will then be fed through to the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills at the next stakeholders’ meeting.

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